Artificial intelligence and Raman spectroscopy

The use of Raman spectroscopy makes it possible to create a comprehensive profile of a sample with high information content in only a very short time. For example, microorganisms provide a typical spectroscopic fingerprint depending on the development environment, metabolism, temperature or age. However, the data sets obtained are very complex and, depending on the conditions, the spectroscopic fingerprint varies only marginally.

Biophotonics Diagnostics offers you AI-supported database services for the fast, reliable, stable and non-invasive identification of bacteria and other microorganisms in medical diagnostics, environmental technology, water management, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, the food industry and chemical process control.

Raman spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a photonic examination method that is widely used in chemical and biological analysis for the identification and quantification of a wide variety of substances, substance mixtures, cells and microorganisms.

Medical diagnostics

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Bioprocess analytics

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